Zdeno Chara’s new hockey sticks accidentally delivered to wrong address states away from D.C.

Chara's new hockey sticks delivered to the wrong address
A shipment of hockey sticks meant for Capitals defenseman Zdeno Chara was sent to the wrong address on Monday, ending up in New Jersey instead. The person who received them, the owner of a clothing business, tweeted about the mishap.

Capitals blog Russian Machine Never Breaks caught up with the man who received the custom sticks that were actually meant to go to the team’s equipment manager, Brock Myles, at the team practice facility in Arlington, Va.

“We get boxes from China daily so it didn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary,” Ariel Ben-Abraham told RMNB. “FedEx dropped it off along with two other boxes from China and I started going through em like normal and then I got really confused when I saw BOOM 18 hockey sticks.

“We called the contact number on there, but there wasn’t an answer,” he continued. “So I decided to take it to Twitter since calling FedEx support is torture.”

While any player missing out on their sticks shipment would be a bit of a problem, it’s especially problematic for the 6-foot-9-inch defenseman, who has a special exemption from the league to get a 67-inch stick from TRUE brand because of his height. Good news for the 43-year-old is that this guy is willing to help get the sticks back to the player.

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