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MONTREAL, QC — Few phrases in Montreal Canadiens lore provoke more emotion or revive more memories than “The Forum“. Once called “the most storied building in hockey history” by Sporting News, the arena was home to nearly 18,000 Habs fans between 1924-1996.

Today that iconic structure on Cabot Square no longer echoes with the sounds of skates, sticks, pucks, and cheers amid Stanley Cup-winning excitement. However, Habs fans have found new ways to keep making their voices heard.

With this in mind, Rocket Sports Media is proud to bring you a new video column, Habs Fan Forum. The weekly video series is hosted by contributor Ben Dankiw. Each week he’ll take you on a journey to recap the highs and lows of the Habs from a fan’s perspective. So buckle up, it’s always a wild ride!

This Week:

On this week’s episode, Ben reacts to the Jesperi Kotkaniemi offer sheet and Christian Dvorak trade. It proved to be a long and emotional week stuck waiting to find out what Marc Bergevin would do: swallow his pride and let go of a valued asset? Or match the offer sheet and overpay Kotkaniemi?

Well, in Ben’s opinion, the result was a lose-lose outcome for the Canadiens, and he’s a little upset about it. Watch as Ben describes his feelings on how Montreal managed Kotkaniemi’s development (and the team’s prospect development record overall) and the disappointment of seeing the team he loves make yet another mistake this off-season.

Finally, Ben offers a sincere welcome to Dvorak while also saying a little goodbye to a really “mint” guy.

Watch the full video below, then be sure to subscribe to the All Habs Hockey Magazine YouTube channel, too!

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